New Diana ISD Network Upgrade

New Diana ISD wanted to implement BYOD on their campus. In order to accomplish this they needed to add new switches and access points. Their current network architecture was built on 3Com switches; however, they wanted to move to HP for switching and Aruba for wireless.



Office 365

A couple of months ago I started looking at moving away from Google Apps to Office 365. Many organization were paying over $100,000 for setup and migration. I knew there had to be away to get this set up for way less, so off I went watching video about Active Directory Federation Services, ADFS. I soon learned that I was in for a wild ride.

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Teen Mania Network Expansion

Over the last several years there has been a rapid growth of personal mobile devices and as a result many organizations have invested heavily in their wireless infrastructure. It is no surprise that taking on projects like this can be expensive, time consuming,  and come with a myriad of challenges; however, the question of worth is the most important one. Is it worth all of the hassle in order to provide your customer a great experience on their personal device? I know that is a loaded question and most people would agree with it.